Mar 16, 2010

Canon EOS 5D Mark II 2.0.4 Firmware Officially Released

Just imagine all the creativity that's brewing!

Info on the update:

Download the update:

30 fps (29.97 fps)
24 fps (23.976 fps)
25 fps (requires camera to be set to PAL recording mode)

30 fps (29.97 fps)
25 fps (requires camera to be set to PAL recording mode)

Manual sound adjustment up to 64 incremental levels and 48kHz sound recording.

Live histogram display as well.


AVG Antivirus 9.0.790 Internet / DNS problems in Windows XP

*Update* - March 20th, 2010 - From my testing, it looks like the bug occurred during the upgrade from AVG 9.0.730 to 9.0.790. To get 9.0.790 to work, you'll need to uninstall your nonworking AVG, reboot, and download AVG 9.0.790, and install by choosing Custom, and uncheck everything. This should get you AVG back up and running again.

*Update* - March 17th, 2010 - Temporary solution is to uninstall AVG 9.0.790 and install an older version of AVG 9.0.730--this works fine with Zonealarm installed. Windows 7 machines do not seem to be affected by this bug.


As of March 14th, at two different client sites and on my personal computers, I've run into DNS problems when trying to access the internet after updating AVG Antivirus free edition and business edition version 9.0.790 with Zonealarm installed/uninstalled.

This was a challenge to diagnose because at first, I thought it could be a virus, spyware, or trojan, but the DNS problem showed up in a fresh install of Windows XP. The only site I could visit was and handful of other sites.

Possible solutions I went through: adjust the MTU on the router and network adapter, run AVG, Malwarebytes, Spyware doctor, boot into Safe Mode, repair winsock, Windows Update, but these attempts did not fix the problem. Only after uninstalling AVG, was I able to browse the internet freely again. I am still unsure of the root cause of this, but I will update once there is a solution.


Mar 9, 2010

DIY $4 GoPro Monopod


This upcoming weekend, I'm going for an epic snow kiting session in Lake Tahoe, CA. I wanted to capture different point of views while recording video; without breaking the bank. A quick trip to the local hardware store, and we have the super stiff, lightweight, easy to assemble, DIY $4 camera pole mount.

Bill of Materials (thanks McKenzie Wells for the H.D. links):
Tools Required:
  1. Drill and drill bit
  1. Drill the end cap, and screw the bolt through the hole
  2. Add washers to the end of the screw so the tripod mount will be tight
  3. Attach GoPro Tripod Mount
  4. Screw the end cap mount on the PVC riser
  5. Attach GoPro HD
  6. Record adrenaline pumping moments
Please check out the comments for some more tips.
Update: 1/27/2012

mattyb1018's Rubber Grip Mod:
You can add a rubber grip to your GoPro monopod by using a bicycle handlebar grip. Try your local bike shop. Thanks mattyb1018 for the tips!

Keolaw's Float Mod:
For surfers and water sporters, cutting a pool noodle to attach to the monopod works great to keep it afloat. Teflon tape can be used to seal the end caps. Thanks Keolaw for the tips! 

Sample video of the $4 monopod in action:

Mar 2, 2010

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update: 2.0.3 coming this Month

(image from Canon)
It's here, it's here, it's almost here! The long awaited Canon 5D Mark II firmware is going to arrive later this month. The update will include 24p, 29.97 video, 48kHz audio with manual audio controls, AND a histogram while shooting video. Are you salivating yet?

Mar 1, 2010

2010 Tesla Roadster in 1080p HD - "The Tesla Smile"

2010 Tesla Roadster in 1080p HD - "The Tesla Smile" from Tri Nguyen on Vimeo.

The Tesla Roadster was an absolute joy to drive. Gut wrenching torque. Also, an uber stiff suspension and body makes the driver feel one with the road. Great value considering the carbon fiber body, performance, and technologies involved. Save the environment while crushing 99% of the cars at a stop light.

2010 Tesla Roadster
0-60 in 3.9 seconds vs 3.7 for the Sport version
200 miles+ per charge
Carbon Fiber Body
Aluminum Frame
F1 type seating
Fully adjustable suspension
Torque, HP, G-force, battery efficiency display
No maintenance until 48000 miles just for a coolant change
No oil

FYI *New leasing program as well as financing available*