Dec 13, 2008

How to: Re-Enable Boot Booster on the eeePC

Warning to eee PC owners with Boot Booster!!! If you are going to change your partitions, before you partition, make sure you leave the 8 megabyte Boot Booster partition alone.

If you lost Boot Booster from partitioning, here's how you can get it back.

Thanks to RalphWiggum on the eee PC forums for writing the original How-to. This is an adapted version for re-enabling Boot Booster for the eee PC 1000X on Windows 2008. For other OS flavors, click on the link above.

I got Boot Booster working for Windows 2008 Server. Partition Magic didn't work for me in Window 2008, but there's a simple-to-use partitioner built into 2008.

1. This article here describes how to access it:
2. After following the link in step 1, I shrank my C: drive by 16 megs
3. Created a new partition using Windows 2008, no file system, no drive letter, do not set active
4. Used RalphWiggum's tool, downloadable below, and followed instructions to change the ID

"RalphWiggum wrote:

Ok...this might come in handy but not necessary...get it anyway
-apply the format procedure and after completion, right click partition and change its ID to 'EF'"

5. Click apply
6. Reboot, then shutdown, once you boot up again
7. Windows should load almost instantly upon your next bootup. Be quick to push F2 if you ever need to.


Dec 12, 2008

My love/hate relationship with Windows 2008 UAC

Windows 2008 Server User Account Control. UAC provides unauthorized access, such as spyware and viruses, to the startup, registry, and services. There's a pop up that asks for permission if you want to modify certain system settings or install software.

When converting Windows 2008 Server to a "Workstation environment," at first, I found UAC annoying because I was experiencing UAC for the first time while setting up my PC. Who would want popups every time you make a change to your operating system, right? I do, I want those popups. Here's why:

Benefits of UAC:
1. A more secure working environment
2. Protection against spyware and viruses
3. Not really a benefit, but UAC only gets in the way during the setup process of a new machine

UAC can be a bit of an annoyance at first, but after correctly setting up my PC, I haven't seen UAC since.

Bonus reading material:
Make Vista Launch UAC Restricted Programs in Startup:


Dec 11, 2008

1000X eee PC Owner's Guide to the Galaxy

As a new owner of the 1000X, here are the guides I went through to update and modify my laptop. It should save time for new owners of the 1000H or 1000HA looking to do the same.

Stop that annoying clicking Hard Drive sound by jko:

Free Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Edition for College Students by uptempo:

Vista or Windows 2008 install guide by CarlosNR:

Updated Windows XP and Vista drivers for the 1000H/1000HA by LaiWongBao:

1000HA Wireless Vista Drivers by tqnguyen:

Cooler running eee PC 1000X by lasertech:

Overclock your 1000X modified eeectl by CarlosNR:

More responsive keyboard mod by coninsan:

Fix a noisy fan by danristei:

Restore a 1000H without a DVD drive by spider:

Happy computing


Dec 10, 2008

How to: iCall - Finally, Free VOIP Calls - Instructions & Minireview

Here's the situation: you have a laptop, an internet connection, a microphone, and now you're thinking I want to use the convenience and portabilty of my laptop to make VOIP calls. Well hey, let's do just that, but let's make the deal even sweeter by making those calls FREE. Not a 1 minute trial, or give us your credit card number trial, no, free.

iCall will connect you via internet to landline phone. All you have to do is listen to a 10 second ad, and then they connect your call. Not only can you make calls but you can also recieve calls from a landline to your internet connected device. Now I say device because iCall will work with the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Are you ready to make the jump? Here goes...

Instructions to make calls:
1. Download their software and install:
2. Sign up for a free New Account
3. Log into your account using their software
4. Type in the number you wish to call
5. That's all there is to it, a 10 second ad will play, and right after, your call will connect

Instructions to receive calls:
1. Each user is given a unique identifier number. You will see this number after you've signed in under their software menu bar.
2. Basically, your family or friends will call a local number provided by iCall. Then they will punch in your ID number to connect to your computer or device.
3. Local access numbers for each state are given here

The installation and setup was a definite positive. They've streamlined the process so that calls are made easily and without complication. The call quality was decent, as the recepient recieving my call reported hearing echo and some voice cutoff. For reference, the connection I was at had a 1.5Mbps down and 384Kbps upload. I will be looking forward to long term usage in hopes that they will improve their services like Skype or Vonage.

Overall, considering that the service is free, iCall is a clear choice for those looking for free VOIP service. Enjoy the free calls.


Dec 8, 2008

Opera Flashblocker by Lex1

Found a great little tool for Opera 9 called FlashBlock. The tool prevents Flash Ads from loading but still gives us the option to play, or not play, a Flash object.

I've edited the instructions from their site, so that they're more concise. 

1) Close Opera, unzip '' to some place on your harddisk.
2) Click on the top menu Help->About Opera! 
3) Now look for "User CSS directory"
4) Copy FlashBlocker.css to your user styles folder that you found in Step 3
5) Copy FlashBlocker.js (and FlashBlocker-white-list.js, if needed) to your UserJS folder like \profile\userjs. If you don't have this folder, create a new directory for storing User JavaScript files, for instance C:\Program Files\Opera\profile\userjs
6) Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> JavaScript Options. Add the location of your newly created script directory to My JavaScript files
7) Restart Opera, select Flash blocker in menu View->Style and enjoy


Windows Server Standard 2008 Tweaks

After installing a fresh Windows 2008 Server Standard edition, I enabled and disabled the following to tweak my installation. 


Convert Windows 2008 to a Workstation
Download the automated Server to Workstation converter made by Sawo:

My Settings

Enable Windows Audio
Optimize CPU Performance for Programs
Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration
Enable Superfetch

Visual Tweaks
Disable Shutdown Event Tracker
Disable Verbose Messages at Startup/Shutdown
In addition to enabling themes, if you want to have your desktop look like the ones you've seen on Vista, you need to enable Desktop Experience:

Go to Server Manager
Add feature
Check on Desktop Experience

Enable Wireless Networking


Disable automatic driver updates:

Start menu, right click My Computer, Poperties
Click on Advanced System Settings
Click on Hardware Tab
Then Windows Update Driver Settings
Select Never check for drivers when I connect a device
Click Ok


Turn off Indexing Services:

Right click on drive C: and then properties
Click off Index this drive for faster file searching
Apply to all files and subfolders
Click Ignore all if a message pops up
Once Windows is done, close


Disabling Services (these are settings that worked for me, if you use a VPN, Windows firewall, adjust accordingly):

Go to your start menu and search
Type Services
Expand the  Services icon


Application Experience 
Diagnostic Policy Service
Distributed Link Tracking Client
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
IP Helper
IPsec Policy Agent
Remote Access Connections Manager (VPN usage)
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
Shell Hardware Detection
Terminal Services
Windows Error Reporting Services
Windows Firewall
Windows Time


Dec 6, 2008

1000HA AR5007EG Wireless Vista Drivers

It was a challenge searching and installing wireless drivers for the 1000HA, so I figured I'd try and make the process easier for those who attempt a Vista install. Hope this helps.

From: … r_1131.htm

Direct Link: … cna5ww.exe

1. Download and open, the files will unpack to a folder you specify
2. Go to Device Manager
3. Right click on Update Driver Software
4. Click Browse my computer for driver software
5. Point to the folder you specified in step 1, and click Next
6. The drivers will install, and you should be on your way to browsing


How to: Boot off a USB device for the eee PC 1000HA

While trying to install Windows 2008 Server on the 1000HA, I could not figure out how to get into the bootup menu. Just hold esc right? Well, with boot booster enabled, the bootup screen goes way too fast.

Here's how:
Press F2

Yep, that's it! Enjoy!

Initial Impressions of the Asus eee PC 1000HA

For potential buyers reading this, my initial impressions are from a person who was having buyer's remorse upgrading from an eee PC 701 to the 1000HA.

Weight and size of a larger 10" laptop when compared to the 701.

After receiving it today, I can finally put those concerns to rest. The 1000HA feels super light. I cannot notice the weight difference at all. Yes, if I picked up a 701 and then picked up the 1000HA, then I'd notice some differences, but during my average usage, the 1000HA feels light.

The 10" screen is a godsend especially after using the 701 for so long. I will definitely explore some hobbies utilizing this larger screen i.e. web design, photography, and blogging.

I do enjoy the faster processor as well as the ease of upgrading the RAM.

I believe the biggest PRO would the support of the eeePC user forum. With such a large support base, eee PC users are able to do a lot more with their laptops.

The mouse and keyboard feel great to me. The mouse buttons are not stiff at all, and the keyboard feels like a full size keyboard. I use the left shift button, so no worries on the placement of the right shift key.

Honestly, I was really looking forward to the multitouch pad, but after using it, the pad seems "laggy" and a little slow to respond for my taste. Don't get me wrong, the multitouch idea itself is awesome, but the slow response really kills it--my mouse movements are all over the place! Maybe I just need more practice.

I am enjoying the 1000HA as we speak. Love the screen, faster CPU, weight, and full sized keyboard. No buyer's remorse. Lastly, to get some creativity juices going, I will be putting Windows 2008 server on this and vistafying it. Photoshop, dreamweaver, Vmware, Windows XP, and maybe a flavor of Ubuntu. Also, I'm looking forward to the release of the gOS Cloud OS.