Dec 8, 2008

Opera Flashblocker by Lex1

Found a great little tool for Opera 9 called FlashBlock. The tool prevents Flash Ads from loading but still gives us the option to play, or not play, a Flash object.

I've edited the instructions from their site, so that they're more concise. 

1) Close Opera, unzip '' to some place on your harddisk.
2) Click on the top menu Help->About Opera! 
3) Now look for "User CSS directory"
4) Copy FlashBlocker.css to your user styles folder that you found in Step 3
5) Copy FlashBlocker.js (and FlashBlocker-white-list.js, if needed) to your UserJS folder like \profile\userjs. If you don't have this folder, create a new directory for storing User JavaScript files, for instance C:\Program Files\Opera\profile\userjs
6) Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> JavaScript Options. Add the location of your newly created script directory to My JavaScript files
7) Restart Opera, select Flash blocker in menu View->Style and enjoy


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