Dec 13, 2008

How to: Re-Enable Boot Booster on the eeePC

Warning to eee PC owners with Boot Booster!!! If you are going to change your partitions, before you partition, make sure you leave the 8 megabyte Boot Booster partition alone.

If you lost Boot Booster from partitioning, here's how you can get it back.

Thanks to RalphWiggum on the eee PC forums for writing the original How-to. This is an adapted version for re-enabling Boot Booster for the eee PC 1000X on Windows 2008. For other OS flavors, click on the link above.

I got Boot Booster working for Windows 2008 Server. Partition Magic didn't work for me in Window 2008, but there's a simple-to-use partitioner built into 2008.

1. This article here describes how to access it:
2. After following the link in step 1, I shrank my C: drive by 16 megs
3. Created a new partition using Windows 2008, no file system, no drive letter, do not set active
4. Used RalphWiggum's tool, downloadable below, and followed instructions to change the ID

"RalphWiggum wrote:

Ok...this might come in handy but not necessary...get it anyway
-apply the format procedure and after completion, right click partition and change its ID to 'EF'"

5. Click apply
6. Reboot, then shutdown, once you boot up again
7. Windows should load almost instantly upon your next bootup. Be quick to push F2 if you ever need to.



  1. Do NOT download the file, it's is full of Trojan Horses

  2. I just did a scan, as of Dec 18th, 2009, with AVG, SD, sonicwall, and there are no Trojans to which you speak of. Thanks though. Cheers

  3. work great !!!
    i tried lot of websites and forms...but all was really difficult, like you need linux, or other difficult methods,
    this one is simple and quick.
    i am did it on win XP professional.
    ThankX buddy

  4. Hi. The above links are dead. I need to reinstall boot booster of my eee pc 1011. I need a more detailed explanation. Thank you

  5. no longer exists, so link is a dead end, please update this procedure, thanks

  6. still the link is dead :(