Dec 6, 2008

Initial Impressions of the Asus eee PC 1000HA

For potential buyers reading this, my initial impressions are from a person who was having buyer's remorse upgrading from an eee PC 701 to the 1000HA.

Weight and size of a larger 10" laptop when compared to the 701.

After receiving it today, I can finally put those concerns to rest. The 1000HA feels super light. I cannot notice the weight difference at all. Yes, if I picked up a 701 and then picked up the 1000HA, then I'd notice some differences, but during my average usage, the 1000HA feels light.

The 10" screen is a godsend especially after using the 701 for so long. I will definitely explore some hobbies utilizing this larger screen i.e. web design, photography, and blogging.

I do enjoy the faster processor as well as the ease of upgrading the RAM.

I believe the biggest PRO would the support of the eeePC user forum. With such a large support base, eee PC users are able to do a lot more with their laptops.

The mouse and keyboard feel great to me. The mouse buttons are not stiff at all, and the keyboard feels like a full size keyboard. I use the left shift button, so no worries on the placement of the right shift key.

Honestly, I was really looking forward to the multitouch pad, but after using it, the pad seems "laggy" and a little slow to respond for my taste. Don't get me wrong, the multitouch idea itself is awesome, but the slow response really kills it--my mouse movements are all over the place! Maybe I just need more practice.

I am enjoying the 1000HA as we speak. Love the screen, faster CPU, weight, and full sized keyboard. No buyer's remorse. Lastly, to get some creativity juices going, I will be putting Windows 2008 server on this and vistafying it. Photoshop, dreamweaver, Vmware, Windows XP, and maybe a flavor of Ubuntu. Also, I'm looking forward to the release of the gOS Cloud OS.


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