Mar 9, 2010

DIY $4 GoPro Monopod


This upcoming weekend, I'm going for an epic snow kiting session in Lake Tahoe, CA. I wanted to capture different point of views while recording video; without breaking the bank. A quick trip to the local hardware store, and we have the super stiff, lightweight, easy to assemble, DIY $4 camera pole mount.

Bill of Materials (thanks McKenzie Wells for the H.D. links):
Tools Required:
  1. Drill and drill bit
  1. Drill the end cap, and screw the bolt through the hole
  2. Add washers to the end of the screw so the tripod mount will be tight
  3. Attach GoPro Tripod Mount
  4. Screw the end cap mount on the PVC riser
  5. Attach GoPro HD
  6. Record adrenaline pumping moments
Please check out the comments for some more tips.
Update: 1/27/2012

mattyb1018's Rubber Grip Mod:
You can add a rubber grip to your GoPro monopod by using a bicycle handlebar grip. Try your local bike shop. Thanks mattyb1018 for the tips!

Keolaw's Float Mod:
For surfers and water sporters, cutting a pool noodle to attach to the monopod works great to keep it afloat. Teflon tape can be used to seal the end caps. Thanks Keolaw for the tips! 

Sample video of the $4 monopod in action:


  1. do you use a leash?

  2. Hi Elliot, I do use a leash with a Mystic harness. Cheers!

  3. thanks. ok so i have all of the supplies but im confused. so the head of the bolt should attach to the tripod mount?

  4. After you've drilled the hole in the cap, insert the bolt through the cap, which will expose the threads on the other side of the cap. Then screw on the tripod mount to the threads on the bolt.

    Hope that's more clear. Let me know how it goes!

  5. yup worked out great. thank you very much

  6. Awesome! Do you have any video samples? I just want to see how much of your body your capturing, and if 36" is long enough.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Al, great question, here's a youtube vid with the $4 monopod:

    Best wishes,

  8. dude, gettin a gopro in a couple of days and this looks like a sick idea for a pole and this has got me heaps keen,
    thanks heaps!

  9. on the last picture it looks like the camera is facing a little up. can it face down more or is that the lowest it can go?


  10. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the question.

    In the photo, that is the max. In the GoPro Helmet and Motorsports kit (except Gopro Naked & Surf), there are some swivel adapters than can turn the camera beyond what's shown in my photos. These adapters are sold separately too, so you could set your camera up in any direction.

    Have a happy new year,

  11. thanks this is great!!! i will definetly make this for my contour HD!!!!

  12. Awesome mount. I'm looking into getting a GoPro camera. Which version do you have? 960 or 1080p?

  13. Hello,

    The screw attached to the cap mount keeps twisting, not allowing me to screw the GoPro on tight enough. Did you experience this and is there a fix?

    Note: I tried filling the inside of the cap with Gorilla Glue hoping it would keep the screw in place while I twist on my GoPro, but that didn't work.


  14. Hi, it sounds like the screw is too long, and there's extra thread preventing the mount from tightening? You'll need some washers to act as a spacer to fill up the gap. You can also try a locking washer, that looks like a star shape, which is available at Home Depot/Lowes.

  15. Thanks! I'll give that a try.

  16. Hey Buddy!

    Thanks for the sick idea/breakdown on how to do make this. Works to perfection! Just an FYI to anybody that is going to do this. For the screw/washer, get quantity 1 lock washer and as for the Screw, get a Mech. Screw 1/4" 20 - 1/2 in length.

    Also I would recommend grabbing two different size PVC, 1 36" and and a 24". I grabbed the 24" and it works even better when snowboarding, especially in powder, may need to adapt you GoPro to 720, not exactly sure yet, have not had the opportunity to test it out, Come on La Nina, wheres the pow!?!? For melo days and Snowmobiling, I would charge with the 36".

    Also, I am no in a search for a grip to attach to the end. I am thinking a bike/ski grip and/or some sort of simplistic water resistant foam grip...Still in the process of a search for the best fit. I will post again once I have found the best option.

    Happy Boarding!!

  17. Hi, thank you very much for sharing your build tips. How about wrapping the pipe with some Tennis racket grips? Let us know how it goes.

    Wishing you some epic powder!

  18. As far as grips I went to a local bike shop and asked if they had any old extra handle grips laying around. They did and it fit perfect! This is such a perfect idea, thanks!!

  19. Thanks. I just made one myself. Cost is up to about $8.50 now, but should be well worth it. I think it will take a beating and if it doesn't, I'll just make another one. Mine is 4 feet, but you can get a coupling and add length no problem. Great application. My only issue was drilling the hole exactly at the top so the GP Tripod mount would sit as evenly as possible. Had to drill a second cap. I sanded the cap first and made a pre drill hole with a nail and a screw. I'm putting teflon tape on the threads and I put an end cap on the bottom to keep sand, dirt, and water out. I think I can slide one of those pool noodles on the riser so it will float and be visible in the ocean if I get seperated from it. Should be cool for fishing too. From the boat, stick it in the water and get underwater footage. Thanks for the ideas TRI.

  20. Here are the links to Home Depot!

    Threaded Cap

    1/2 x 36" Riser PVC

    1/4-20 x 1/2 (you would have to go there and find a single hex bolt)

    Washers (again find the individual one)

  21. Thank you very much McKenzie for the links. I'll update them in the OP. Cheers!

  22. Haha. I made a really short edit right after I built this because I just had to test it out.
    I love the pole though! Glad someone like you went out and did this and shared it with the internet. Snowboarding just got that much better for me! Haha.

  23. Done mine thanks to you! Great job!!!

  24. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Tri for sharing this. I followed this guide and have my own cheap monopod that works well in elements due to the PVC material of the pipe.

    I also had an issue getting the hole in center of the cap as another poster mentioned. But otherwise, "she" works beautifully.

  25. Love this thank you very much!
    I got a twist for ya, I need to mount this thing to my motocross helmet. I would like to make a rearward (pointed at my face) helmet mount that sits out a foot or more, and maybe a counterbalance so I don't break my neck muscles. Any suggestions? This looks perfect for that if we could just figure out a way to secure it to the helmet.

    I'm trying to avoid spending $60 on a batch of gopro arms/mounts.

  26. Awesome plans. Made 3 different ones using different lengths of the standpipe.