Dec 11, 2008

1000X eee PC Owner's Guide to the Galaxy

As a new owner of the 1000X, here are the guides I went through to update and modify my laptop. It should save time for new owners of the 1000H or 1000HA looking to do the same.

Stop that annoying clicking Hard Drive sound by jko:

Free Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Edition for College Students by uptempo:

Vista or Windows 2008 install guide by CarlosNR:

Updated Windows XP and Vista drivers for the 1000H/1000HA by LaiWongBao:

1000HA Wireless Vista Drivers by tqnguyen:

Cooler running eee PC 1000X by lasertech:

Overclock your 1000X modified eeectl by CarlosNR:

More responsive keyboard mod by coninsan:

Fix a noisy fan by danristei:

Restore a 1000H without a DVD drive by spider:

Happy computing


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