Oct 18, 2007

MR2 5SFTE Turbo Build - 2005 - 2007

MR2 NA-T built photo set

In 2005, I decided to embark on a journey with my 91 MR2 NA. I wanted to add more power, feel the whine of a turbo, and learn something during the process, so I started a humble 91 MR2 NA to NA-Turbo conversion.

Parts were chosen and built around a rebuilt T3 Turbo pulled from an old Dodge Daytona and log manifold purchased on eBay. I pretty much learned step by step from there trying to figure out the needs of the Turbo because at the time, I did not know what was needed to make it run.

The Project:
Oil and coolant http://mr2oc.com/showthread.php?t=4296:
There are hot n' cold supply and dump connections in the 91 NA. There are two bolts in all 91 NA's that are plugged. All that's needed is purchasing an adapter screw to put in place for the hot and cold side for coolant. I believe I purchased these adapters from mcmaster.

Aeroquip hoses and adapters would be used to connect to the adapters from mcmaster.

Also, I tapped for oil from the oil pressure sensor gauge. I used a T connector from my local Royal Brass.

I saw many trunk intercooler setups on the mr2 forums and immediately fell in love. The setup screamed awesomeness. Using aluminum square tubing from lowes, I created a brace attached with brackets to the firewall and rear trunk, which held the intercooler in place.

At the time, green top Toyota Supra injectors were hard to find! Luckily, a local junkyard had the right model Supra in stock. The injectors were pulled and sent to Witchhunter Performance for cleaning.

I purchased all my piping from eBay, and the silicone hoses were purchased at Atpturbo. JR - Mr. Jcrew on the MR2 boards, hooked me up with some quality hose clamps.

Water Injection:
An SMC water injection controller was adapted to work with a Shurflo pump and accumulator. I wired up 5-post relays to get the whole thing connected.

I chose a Zeitronix Wideband AF for metering which would display data on a laptop while driving. The wideband displayed RPM, Oil pressure, Boost, and EGT, oh yeah, and A/F =P.

Exhaust & External Wastegate:
The exhaust was last on the list. I purchased 2.5 stainless steel piping from an online source (I dont' remember) as well as a flex pipe. A SS adapter plate was used connecting the turbo to the downpipe, gotta love eBay!

The piping for the wastegate would be cut from a bathroom stall handicap bar purchased at Lowes - thank you VW forums. This fit perfectly for a 38mm Tial type wastegate.

Jeff, Mr. Griftersduece on the boards helped me weld the whole thing together. Now I wish I had taken pictures of the beautiful beading Jeff created, but just imagine shiny, even scales going all around the parts.

A site I made in 2005 dedicated to the NA-T:

Back to NA:
After much enjoyment and a great learning experience, the car was put back to NA after what seemed to be an oil leak in the Turbo. The factors leading to this decision was finding time to work on the car, other interests, and saving money for other enjoyments in life. The car is still up and running but with a '93 NA motor, and yes sir, I still smile every time I get in and drive.



  1. Was this 5SFE STOCK? You just bolted on a turbo and injectors? No internal upgrades or anything?

  2. Yes, the 5SFE was stock. No modifications were made to the internals. Other than the turbo and injectors, you would need to route oil and coolant.


  3. How meny miles were on Ur car and could a ct26 be used?

  4. From what I remember, it was 125K miles. The CT26 can be used, and many people have gone this route using the stock 3SGTE manifold. Check out the mr2oc forums for more info.

  5. Did you do the work yourself?

    How much did the parts cost in total?

  6. Hi, did the work over a month with parts totaling roughly $700-900. If I had to do it all again, I would, the stuff I learned was worth it. Be prepared for smog (I'm from California...yeah I know) & troubleshooting random issues.

  7. I bet it runs like crap? Your ecu is not to sure if it wants to stay or come out if the closet. A n/a tune ecu is gay by the way. You will get shaft by them vtec boys all day till you get the proper ecu tune. Then you will be lightning straight.

  8. Glad to see there's still interest in the MR2. The car was running the stock ECU with supra injectors. The car ran well, and it was very fun to drive with the turbo installed. I agree, the MR2 would have run more efficiently with an EMS and proper tuning.