Apr 13, 2009

Fix: Slow updates in Ubuntu with a Sonicwall Firewall

While setting up a Ubuntu server, when we went to update, we were hit with painfully slow 4-kilobytes-per-second-updates. You know the feeling like when you're on freeway, but some slow cars just seem to block all the lanes. Yeah, ya feel us.

Turns out it was all in Sonicwall's Anti-spyware security services. The firewall was scanning every single bit sent through the network resulting in stomach wrenching slowness.

Temporarily disable the Anti-spyware app for the IP of the host you're working on. If your host is, then add this IP to the exlusion list of your firewall and all should be fast again.

Quick tip:

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  1. Thanks. I've been frustrated by this for a while. Stupid Sonicwall content filtering stuff!