May 14, 2009

Vsftpd FTPS and FireFTP don't mix

When I was using FireFTP on a FTPS enabled Vsftpd server, my login was okay, but the connection was stuck at Directory Listing. Downloading files and uploading files were okay, just the directory listing was extrutiatingly slow for me--it took up to 2 minutes to load the directory listing. I tested using Filezilla, and it worked superbly, so I'll just post this out there in case others are running into the same problem.


  1. With PAM and SFTP, same thing. Fireftp fails in this case. But it is a very good program!!

  2. Hi Pedro, yeah, FireFTP does rock. I use it alongside with Filezilla.


  3. Same problem here, filezila works fine,
    I am sure it is a setting problem between vsftp and fireFTP but cant figure it out

  4. Same problem. Vsftpd is installed on my server and i test it with fireftp : getting directory listing with fireftp is very slow.
    I inspect the log of the firewall of my server and i see that fireftp is sending request on port 80. I don't understand why. I don't use proxy.
    Very strange !