Oct 15, 2009

1and1 Webmail Down: 500 Internal Server Error

Almost every other morning, 1and1's webmail interface takes a vacation--it just stops working either from too many users trying to access their webmail interface or from server problems on their site. A nice long call to 1and1 gets you an answer, "yes, our service is unavailable but please bear with us." Why should we bear with you every other day? We're paying for a service, and it's not being provided.

If enough of their users call them to complain, then maybe they'll do something about it. Give them a piece of your mind 1and1 clients.


  1. Just when you thought the problems with 1and1 webmail couldn't get any worse... they did.

    It's called 2.0

    "At this time, there is no way for a customer to revert back to webmail 1.0, and I doubt it will ever be an option since 2.0 is quite better."

    But it isn't better.

    It's slower.
    It takes forever to load and often times out.
    You can't just click a box on the left to delete multiple items at once like you used to.
    There is more spam.
    There is a coding problem causing intermittent problems whereby recipients of an email from me can't read the email (which has never happened before).

    It's not better.

    And the customer service is not so great. Call them -- each person will be reading from a script. Ask for a supervisor. He or she will read from a script as well. Try to reach someone in corporate. Try to find the corporate number -- it takes some intense research. And when you finally reach corporate, the person you talk to will reroute you to the same IT Department that you spoke with in the first place.

    Email them -- and wait for a response. See if the response they give you actually addresses the problem you contacted them about in the first place. See if it looks like a canned response, or as if they have made any changes or taken any proactive steps to address the matter.

    Good luck.

  2. I am very disappointed of the new webmail.
    Unfortunately I have to use it -often- over a slow umts connection. It really sucks!!!
    I think the previous release was better - maybe not as cosmetic as the new rel - but more usable. Even if used over a fully blown broadband connection, the new rel reveals several flaky points - happily rendered with funny red text saying "error number x unknown". Funny.
    Have they really used their customers' input to "improve"?

  3. seems their was a release update of the webmail 2.0 is it now better?

  4. At least they tell you their service is down. I continue to be told, "there is nothing wrong on our end". Mysteriously, after the call, I can get in within 20 minutes.

  5. i thought this was just me, but I see others are suffering

  6. Anyone having problems printing emails from Webmail 2? It tries to download the content and then locks up IE8 completely. The machine is running Windows 7, IE at latest and completely up to date with updates. It doesn't matter what security I drop or remove it just doesn't work. Machine completely rebuilt last week, all new drivers and printing works just fine from any other site and evry other program. Can we fix this please?

  7. 1and1 is overall terrible. I have been a customer for 2 years and the customer service is so bad there is no word for it. I have been looking for the executive team's contact info so I can tell them how terrible there team is doing. Any help would be great.

    Losing money everyday the site is down. It has been 5 days and counting.....

  8. Continuous problems with Webmail 2.0 when will 1 and 1 fix the bugs or revert to the old Webmail that worked - today "Internal Error" Reqularly hangs and logs me out seconds after signing in.

  9. fucking 1and1 !!!! i hate the smtp.1and1.com

  10. Problems with webmail 2.0 (or should I say webmail -2.0) Locks up, dreaded red messages pretty much every time. Timing out just as you complete signing in. It can help having multiple sessions connected so I suspect that it is not just undebugged alpha code but also hardware problems.

  11. Get it forwarded to a yahoo or google account. The when it goes down (as it does 3-4 hours a day) you can still receive e-mails

  12. I run my business mail and online internet orders using 1 and 1 webmail. I've had nothing but problems constantly from this bunch of incompetent muppets. It's a nightmare. However, i'm the fool for staying with them!

    If anyone is thinking of signing up for thos crap, don't bother - ever since they went over to their new webmailer system it's been appalling. One and One you are arseholes!!!

  13. this is the worst e mail ever. never works and now for 2 days it blinks some error thing on the scrren cant even log in anymore

  14. Still problems - I suspect that there servers are grossly oveloaded as the problems occur during the working day rather than very early in the morning or at the weekend.

    At least the latest build generates error message that you can email to One and One (although nothing happens and the responses are silly).

  15. I have had it with 1 and 1, today their emailsadministration area is failing to allow you edit settings for emails with 500 errors.

    DO NOT USE 1 and 1, i have been with them for years and its time to leave.

  16. fucking shit ... takes like 2 hours to log in its fucking awefull shit email provider

  17. The webmail is just unusable right now. I'm getting timeouts every 10 minutes or so. The worst is when I've typed a lengthy email and it's timed out in the background, leaving the email hung with the spinner overlay so I can't even copy the content!!