Feb 11, 2010

The Tablet of the Future, Now

Notion Ink Adam (displayed above), JooJoo, Dell Mini 5, HP Slate, Lenovo U1, Archos 9 are just some of the names out there other than the iPad, and these tablets are the tablets to get excited about. The iPad release was a major buzz kill because it just looked like an oversized iPod Touch with eBooks and productivity suite. I want something revolutionary, not evolutionary.

The tablet I will purchase must have the following:

Connecting external devices to the tablet such as a Camera, Camcorder, USB stick, SD card, Webcam, etc. We have devices that do what they do best, and these devices should be able to interact with our tablet, so maybe a mini USB input/output would be an elegant solution.

Flash Support
When I browse the Internet, I want to be able to watch flash movies on the fly by clicking within a webpage. The movie plays, then finishes, and I'm back to my browsing. Seamless. The tablet must be able to play HD Flash movies as well because content created by consumers is now converging in that direction. We have camcorders that come standard shooting at 1080p.

App Store
Standardization of apps is what made the Apple Store so successful. It connected developers, content providers, and consumers in one easy to use place. Android Marketplace may be the next great thing.

Camera/HD Camcorder

Image and more information on each device from Gizmodo:

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