Jul 2, 2010

7/2/2010 :: 1and1 mail server problems

Hi folks, 1and1's email servers go haywire again. This is like the 4th time this year. I dreaded calling their technical support, but I had to because it looked like my client was missing email from 8AM-10AM. Guess what, another annoying 10 minutes dealing with 1and1 technical support. They confirmed their email servers were having issues and that their admins were "on it." Thumbs up to the admins though, I can imagine it being tough working at 1and1. I will contact their complaints department to get a credit for the next billing cycle. End rant.

BTW: On a funny note, while calling tech support, they were playing Portal's ending song Still Alive. Kind of odd calling into tech support and hearing the lyrics "dead, still alive, dying, burned," lol. Bravo to one cool admin out there.

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