Sep 9, 2010

Ooma Hub :: Orange Light of Death :: Hardware Failure

Symptom: When turning on your Ooma Hub, an orange light immediately appears on the clear Ooma tab. No other lights display on the buttons nor on the network connections in the back.

Problem: You've experienced an Ooma Hub hardware failure. (Don’t bother with reading the manual as the constant orange light is not mentioned in there. I checked.)

Solution: Your options are to either return the device to the store or call Ooma and have them replace the unit under the warranty.

Tips for replacement under warranty: If you already tried troubleshooting, hard reset, turning off the device, checking the lights and cable, then here’s a tip to get you through the call faster. Skip their attempts at troubleshooting over the phone because their tech support will get you to the same conclusion which you already know: your Ooma Hub is toast. The Orange Light of Death, or OLD, is 100% guaranteed that your Ooma Hub is no longer working. Insist that you’ve already tried troubleshooting, and you want to have the unit replaced. Also, double check the information they have on hand to ensure a speedy replacement.

*Update 9/13/10*
From Ooma Support:
Subject: Hardware Failure
Try slow power cycle first by unplugging the power from the back of the device, wait for at least 2 minutes before plugging it back in.
You can also try doing a factory reset to check if your device will recover:
1. Hold down the Tab button, unplug the power cord.
2. After 10 sec plug it back in, continue holding the tab until the 3 rows of buttons light up row by row at a fast pace (i.e. each row lights up for 300 msec.).
3. Release the Tab button.
4. The ooma Hub will then go back to factory default settings and reboot itself.
If the factory reset did not work, we can recommend the replacement of the defective unit under your current warranty coverage.

Currently going through the exchange process.

Update: 10/10/10
I'm happy to update that the exchange went smoothly. Ooma sent a new device that worked just fine.


  1. Did you get your replacement hub?
    My hub had twice in the past week acted like everything was okay - Ooma dialtone, blue light - but I could not call out and internet was down. Hub is after my DSL modem and before my router. By power cycling just the hub my internet and OOma worked fine again.

  2. Man... do you know how much do they charge if your device of out warranty? My ooma hub gone dead (OLD) a month after warranty expired.

  3. Orange light does not necessarily mean OOMA is dead. Took mine to Europe and hooked it up with the power supply rated <1A - sure enough got the orange light. Replaced it with the 12V, 1.5A supply - works perfecly now. HTH.

    1. Thanks very much for your posting, it really saved me a hell lot of trouble.

  4. Orange and red light doesn't mean death. Took mine to India, by mistake plugged it into 220V and transformer blew up. Bought new one which is 1 Amp and didn't work, later replaced with 1.2 Amp as suggested above and it worked. Thanks very much whoever posted above.