May 13, 2011

DIY $10 GoPro Chest Mount w/Sample Vid :: HD

Quick and simple DIY GoPro chest mount. Can be had for even cheaper if you visit your local plastics store for some scrap lexan.

10~15 minutes

Drill and drill bit

1 1/4" thick rectangular piece of polycarbonate lexan (I'm using a scrap piece of aluminum layered plexiglass)
2 lashing straps (bought at walmart - Outdoor Products Lashing Straps)
1 flat gopro mount
1 curvy gopro base attachment

From what I've read, sticking some electrical tape between the gopro mount and case may further reduce camera shake. Will try this on my next outting.

Disclaimer: Demonstration purposes only. Please use safety precautions whenever working with power tools. Do it at your own risk.

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