Jun 24, 2013

48V 10AH Lithium LiMnCO2 Battery Unboxing [ElectricRider.com]

The battery and the chargers arrived today with good packaging all around.

Here's what I ordered:
48V 10AH LiMnCO2 battery
2AH Veribest Charger
4AH Veribest Charger

My plan is to leave a 2AH charger at work, and a 4AH charger at home. This way, if I need a quick charge to venture around town, the 4AH will get the battery topped up quickly. When I'm at work, I can take the whole day to charge up. Also, if I need to bike to places around work, I can pick up the 2AH and haul it along for the ride. The 2AH charger is small and portable.


48V LiMnCO2 Electricrider.com Battery


Anderson power connector to the motor
Battery XLR charge connector

The 4AH charger is close to double the size of the 2AH charger. The external bodies of the chargers are aluminum.

Veribest 2AH Charger with XLR port
3 prong charging cable
extra fuse
instruction manual

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