Nov 5, 2013

Poor S&W Customer Service [M&P 15-22 Repair Unboxing] [Update: Thx S&W]

I love my S&W M&P 15-22, but if only S&W shared the same sentiment...

I purchased a brand new M&P 15-22 Performance Center Edition at the beginning of October. Took her to the range one time and had a great time. Then noticed the extension tube was bent, so I contacted S&W and they had the rifle shipped back to their repair center.

2 weeks went by and no communication was made. I received the rifle today, and to my surprise, no work was done on it. I will send this back again to get serviced.

Will update in a future video.

Update 11/6/13:
From S&W Facebook, they reached out to me and sent a prepaid label to ship the rifle back.

Update 11/8/13:
S&W followed up and said their engineers and production line people will look into this.

I bubble wrapped and shipped the lower back to S&W. In the box, I requested a new replacement lower.

Reports of crooked buffer tubes, during October, were reported on

Update 12/4/13:
S&W Customer Service requests to send back the upper. I sent it with my FFL info. The lower was confirmed to be defective. They will now ship a new rifle.

Update 1/3/14:
I contact S&W CS for an update...

Update 1/16/14:
S&W CS replies asking for my FFL info. Also, they are "waiting on production to get one built.  It may take a few weeks due to the current large backlog." What happened over the last month?

I then contact S&W Facebook, and let them know of my displeasure of having to wait another few weeks for a rifle. It's now been 3 1/2 months.

Update 1/27/14:
S&W FB representative responds that he'll do whatever it takes to expedite the process. He gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

There is a disconnect in the level of customer service. S&W FB knows how to properly handle customer service in a friendly and professional manner. However, the warranty side does not. It would be good to have a status of a warranty repair, better communication through follow up/follow through.

Update 2/10/2014:
Rifle shipped out

Update 2/20/2014:
Received boxes of S&W swag. Knives, hats, and more. Thank you S&W for going above and beyond in customer service.

Update 2/21/2014:
After a 10 day wait from my FFL, the rifle was picked up, and all is well. The rifle shoots great, looks great. Buffer tube is now completely straight. S&W delivered, and then some. Thank you again Matt and S&W for the excellent customer service.

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