Apr 11, 2015

Syma X11 / Hubsan FC & MMW Fast motors Quadcopter Mod

The Syma X11 is one of my favorite quad's to fly. I enjoy flying the geared motor setup for its stability and efficiency. The stock setup gets about 12 minutes of flight on a 380mAh battery. However, the low yaw rates leaves a bit more to be desired. 

After watching Jordy RC on Youtube, his setup provided the best of both worlds. A Hubsan flight controller and upgraded motors from MMW. The Hubsan FC provides better yaw rates, and the option to turn on/off the LEDs during flight. 

Sidenote, if you're using a Deviation w/module transmitter, you'll get Telemetry data for the battery status--mine is set at 3.2V.

Hubsan Transmitter

  1. Disassemble Syma X11
  2. Remove motors and Syma FC
  3. Screw in Hubsan X4 FC. The Hubsan FC will not be a perfect fit, and you'll only be able to get one screw into the board. You can try some foam to reinforce the back of the board if you like.
  4. Transfer the gear pinion from the Syma motors to the MMW motors (or reuse the original Syma X11 motors if you don't want to upgrade to MMW)
  5. Insert motors into the frame
  6. Cut off the MMW connectors. Be sure to leave enough wire length to reach the Hubsan X4 board.
  7. Solder wires to the board (see photo below for wiring. Red and White are Positive +. Black and Blue are Negative -) Motor position are swapped. The wiring does not need to have reverse polarity, only positions swapped.
  8. Transfer LEDs over from the Syma FC to the Hubsan FC
  9. Reassemble the unit
  10. Swap the prop position from left to right
  11. Insert battery and test flight


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing... I have stock x11 transmitter (or remote controller). Does stock X11 transmitter work with Hubsan FC???

    1. Hi there, that's a great question. The stock Syma X11 transmitter will not work with the Hubsan FC due to differing hardware. A Hubsan transmitter will only work with the Hubsan FC.