Mar 16, 2009

How to: Install Ubuntu 8.10 to a USB Stick

Yes, there's a LiveUSB stick install included in Ubuntu 8.10, but that's NOT what we want to accomplish here. What we do want is a full blown USB Ubuntu installation, and it turns out the solution to this is pretty simple:

Just install Ubuntu straight to the USB stick as you would for a hard drive installation! As long as your computer BIOS can boot off a USB stick, then you should be okay.

My installation went on a 4GB stick leaving me with about 1.2GB of free space.

  1. Boot off a Ubuntu LiveCD
  2. Choose the location of your USB stick to install (I chose guided, use entire disk)
  3. Wait until it's finished installing
  4. Reboot and remove CD
  5. ENJOY!

To limit writes to your USB stick, you can follow the guide here: Click


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