Mar 18, 2009

Organization Chart Software?

While working on a project for work, I needed to make a navigation chart for a User Interface. I tried Visio, ConceptDraw, Dia, and Kivio, but all left me with a feeling that there must be something better out there. For instance, Visio user interface seems so crude when compared to ConceptDraw, but ConceptDraw doesn't have alignment options for your map (only text alignment). Dia and Kivio were too simple for my usage, and I would rather use Visio or ConceptDraw.

Lastly, if I had a Mac, I would probably settle with Omnigraffle when comparing all of these software packages. The user interface looks great with many features I wish Visio and ConceptDraw had. At one point, I was thinking of purchasing OSX to use in Vmware just so I could use Omnigraffle, but then my boss walked by and I came back to reality. I ended up using Visio, still unsatisfied, but hey, I got the job done.

Omnigraffle for Mac:



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