Dec 4, 2009

Google Public DNS: Day 1

After setting up my router for Google Public DNS, I can say my Internet experience feels faster. Yeah, faster like a supercharged hamster on steroids running a 100 meter dash. Google DNS is "blazing fast" for me, and page loads are virtually instantaneous on my screen.

So for those who haven't tried this yet, I'll walk you through my experience with Google DNS to give you an idea of how it is to use their service:

I'll type in Google Chrome. Press Enter. I blink. The page is loaded.

That pretty much sums it up...but seriously =), if you live relatively near a Google Data Center, your web experience may get a boost by using their DNS servers. Try it out, see if you like it, and if not, just switch back to your ISP's DNS servers, or hey, try out Open DNS.

P.S. Thank you Google for Gmail, Chrome, Blogger, Google payments, Video, Free phone calls using Google Voice, Calender, DNS, and last but not least, thank you in advance for the VOIP cell phone service coming in the future ; ).

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