Jan 31, 2010

TomTom Navigator 6 for Treo 680P 755P Fix

Over the weekend, I "upgraded" my phone from a Palm Treo 650P to a Palm Treo 755P. The only reason why I am still using a legacy Palm device is because I love my TomTom Navigator 6 GPS. Now with that in mind, it turns out that TomTom 6 will not work with the Treo 755P straight from the box.

I received the following errors: "Your device is incompatible with TOMTOM Navigator"
And another error: TomTom was not found Card Eject

To fix both of these problems:

1. For 2GB and less, format your card FAT with 32KB, for 4GB or more format your card with FAT32 with 64KB allocation unit size

(put your card in a Card reader, copy all the contents to a safe location on your C: drive, then right click in windows, click format *FORMATTING WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON THE CARD, SO BACKUP FIRST)

2. Download this update from Palm for the 680P and 755P http://rapidshare.com/files/344046141/TomTomNAV6_680n755Update.zip

3. Copy the contents into your TomTom folder on your SD card. TomTom should then load

Happy GPS'ing


  1. Can you upload this fix again. It is no longer there.

  2. Hey Cliff,

    Here's the updated link:


  3. Hi !

    Would you be kind enough to upload it again.

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Hi there, it's been reuploaded. Enjoy!