Apr 25, 2010

Free Video Download of Planet Earth Episode 1 - From Pole to Pole in HD (Amazon)

Stream it, or download it, and enjoy the movie in 720P HD for free from Amazon Video on Demand.
You don't need an account to view it, but you do need an account to download it in 720P w/5.1 sound. There are other titles free to view as well.

BBC Planet Earth Episode 1 720p [amazon.com]

2.30GB download. WMV files extension. Runtime 49 minutes and 16 seconds.
(No software available for Mac owners to download for now...)

There are more free movies on Amazon, but it looks like there's a unique code in the link, so I cannot directly link you there. Go to "Deals and Freebies" link on the left side of the
Amazon navigation menu [amazon.com]

Once you log into your account, there are options to download videos via Amazon's Unbox downloader, or you can connect to your Tivo. Also, the video will be yours to own in your Amazon video library.


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