Apr 13, 2010

Opera Mini Browser on iPhone: Better than Sliced Bread

Get this app now. It's faster, different, and free. The Opera Mini Web Browser for the iPhone was released yesterday, and it's everything we have been asking for.

When we open up a page, the entire page loads, and there's a slick animation where the page slides into view--no more of that dizzying grid like in Safari. It gets even better, we now have tabbed page browsing and a multiwindowed Start Page for a visual view of our favorites. The browser has a few minor problems loading pages, where some tables and text are displayed incorrectly, but overall, it only gets better from here. The browsing experience is excellent. I like the animations

Also, the Opera Mini Browser acts as a proxy, so if you're behind a corporate firewall, at school, censored government, etc. then you may be able to access those blocked sites you always wanted to access but couldn't.

If you haven't downloaded this app yet, get going! Enjoy the web the way it was supposed to be viewed.

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