Nov 15, 2011

Blogger blog has been removed Error

My blog has been down due to an erroneous SPAM issue with Blogger. Somehow my blog was automatically marked as spam prompting Blogger to completely remove my blog. My blog was no longer viewable on my Dashboard, and my blog disappeared without a trace.

I understand how spammers make spam blogs, i.e. quick rich schemes, but I wish Blogger had some kind of warning to inform me that my blog was being reviewed for SPAM. It was alarming to wake up, log into my blog, to find everything gone. "Was I just hacked?" was the first thing that went through my mind. After some further reading, I found some answers.

The only solution is to post on the Blogger user forums and request a Spam Appeal. Only legitimate requests meeting Blogger's appeals criteria will be accepted. Spammers need not apply because you'll be banned forever anyway. Also, if your Google account is blocked from the forums, then you'll need to sign into another Google account to post a question to the forum:

Tip: Be clear and concise to have your question answered.

My appeals process:

I'm happy with the response time in the Blogger Forums. My question was answered in a timely manner, and my issue was addressed within the day.

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