Nov 30, 2011

DIY Suzuki DRZ 400SM Windscreen Tutorial

Wind is a challenge especially when riding the DRZ at freeway speeds because without a front windscreen, riding on a windy day feels like someone turning on a leaf blower to your chest.

I had an extra windscreen from an Aprilia RSV Mille 01-03 laying around, and figured I'd adapt it to my DRZ for some wind protection. Using a few nuts and bolts, a Dremel, and a sanding block, I was able to create a functional and stylish windscreen for my DRZ 400SM.

Masking tape
4 of each: nuts, bolts, washers, and locking washers
Dry erase marker

Bill of Materials:

Sanding block
120 Grit sandpaper (very coarse)

  • 1. Place your windscreen over the front DRZ cowl and mark the drill holes with a dry erase marker
  • 2. Drill out the holes
  • 3.  Secure the windscreen with nuts, bolts, washers, and locking washers
  • 4.  We're going to use the masking tape as a guide on where to cut, so using the edge and angle of the DRZ cowl as a line guide, we'll place the masking tape on the cowl and all the way to the end of our new windscreen.

  • 5. Do the same as step 4 on the other side

  • 6.  Use your Dremel and carefully cut while using the masking tape as your guide.

  • 7.  The edges will be rough with melted plastic from the heat of the Dremel. We'll snap this gunk off, then using our sanding block, sand down both sides of our new windscreen.

  • 8. Install the windscreen/front cowl to the DRZ. Now we can enjoy riding longer distances at freeway speeds.

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