Nov 29, 2011

DIY GoPro Extended Battery Pack :: How To

DIY GoPro HD Extended Battery Pack

While GoKarting at our local track, I was a half an hour into the session when my battery died, and I thought to myself, "Man, I will be missing some epic footage. When I get home, I'm going to put together a rechargable battery pack for the GoPro."

This extended battery pack will let you record for an extra 2 hours give or take. You can replace the batteries of the Tekkeon Battery Pack with more AA batteries. The only downside to this mod is that you will be drilling into your GoPro's plastic case, so it will no longer be waterproof. Other than that, you will have hours of recording time, which means you'll run out of memory before the batteries run out.

USB to mini-USB cable
Tekkeon USB Mobile Battery Charger (Also works with the iPhone, Pod, etc.)
Hot Glue Gun stick
4 AA NiMH rechargable Batteries

Bill of Materials:

Dry erase marker
Hot Glue Gun

Disclaimer: This is for demonstration purposes only. Please use safety precautions whenever working with power tools.


1. Grab a dry erase marker and mark your drill point at the USB connector.
GoPro HD Battery Extender
2. Remove the GoPro.
GoPro HD Battery Extend
3. Drill out the marked point.GoPro Battery Mod
4. Fit USB cable into GoProGoPro HD2 Battery Mod
5. Prepare hot glueGoPro HD Extended Battery Pack
6. Create a seal of hot glue around the GoPro. Once the hot glue cools down, it can be removed along with the cable, so you'll have a perfectly molded seal for the cable and case. On days when you're recording short sessions, you can remove the cable and insert a plug.
GoPro HD Battery Pack
DIY GoPro HD Extended Battery Pack



  2. thanks for the DIY i need it for my gopro because the battery even with the battery bacpack only work for 2.30 hours, but where do you place the portable charger? at the helmet or you charge it after you stop?