Nov 28, 2011

Remove Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle :: How To

Yamaha 700 Raptor Muffler

Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle Removal
1. Remove bolt with an allen wrench Yamaha Raptor 700 Removal
2. Grab a torch and heat the outter ring of the baffle.
3. (Be careful of the heat) Then use a flathead screwdriver to kneed the baffle loose.
4. Use a pair of pliers to pull out the baffle.
Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle Removal
5. This is how the baffle looks removed. The torch is pointing to where you need to apply heat. As you can see, there's a bit of rust on the baffle, which is causing the seizure.

Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle Remove
Yamaha Raptor 700 Baffle Suzuki DRZ 400 SM Pro Circuit T4 Exhaust
I was attempting the Foot's Mod for my DRZ 400SM's Pro Circuit T4 exhaust. The exhaust is way too loud for my taste, and the Foot's Mod requires a Raptor 660 baffle to insert into a T4 exhaust. I could not source a 660 baffle, so I went ahead and tried the next best thing, the Raptor 700 baffle. Well, I can tell you now that the Raptor 700 baffle does not directly fit, so for those looking attempting the Foots Mod, try and source yourself a 660 baffle. The 700 baffle will require some modification to make it fit.

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